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The Chosen Chronicles, an award winning Young Adult Fantasy series, was written by KellyAnn under the pen name, K.A. Parkinson.


Book One

USA Today Bestselling author K.A. Parkinson weaves a stirring tale of love and loyalty in, The Chosen Chronicles, book one, A Chosen Life…
When seventeen-year-old Tolen Parks isn’t working extra hours to pay the bills or attending school, he pretends he’s an ordinary guy so he and his ailing mother can have a semi-normal life in a small, forgotten town. But creatures of the Dark are hunting Tolen because of the abilities he’s worked to suppress. Abilities that signal a destiny he couldn’t possibly have imagined.
Sixteen-year-old Macy has battled the Dark nearly all her life, but monsters and demons are nothing compared to Tolen, the unruly boy she is forced to save and then train—a pursuit that awakens her compassion and shakes the walls around her fractured heart.
United in anguish, divided by spite, Tolen and Macy must learn to work together. Because fear is insidious, the rising shadows have claws, and destiny is beckoning, whether they are ready for it or not.

*Winner of the 2017 Silver Rone Award for Novel Excellence*

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Book Two

USA Today Bestselling Author K.A. Parkinson continues the story of Tolen and Macy in book two of The Chosen Chronicles...

Tolen Parks gave up on his attempts at a normal life the moment Macy Burdow showed up at his door. While his peers were measured for caps and gowns and submitting college applications, he’s been fighting the evil forces of the Dark and learning to tap into powers he once feared. With Macy’s guidance and friendship, he’d begun to accept his unsettling new reality—but recent tragedy has turned Macy cold and distant, and now he must move forward on his own.

Plagued by visions of his father trapped in the Shadow Prison, Tolen vows to train hard and become strong enough to rescue the only family he has left. But as the days pass, it’s clear Tolen needs more time, while his father’s is running out.

He’s forced to make a choice: Stay with his trainers and become the Chosen the world needs, or run from his destiny straight into the Shadow Realm where demons rule and darkness breathes to save his father from a fate worse than death.


Book Three

The saga continues with A Chosen Path, book three in The Chosen Chronicles, by USA Today Bestselling author K.A.Parkinson...

Darkness is spreading. Dangerous secrets lay hidden in Macy’s human past. Secrets the Dark desperately desires. Armed with only a few faded notes, a ring of keys, and a lot of questions, Macy agrees to a clandestine mission for the Light with the Demon Master tight on her heels. Though she finds allies in a band of rebel Chosen, she soon realizes this mission could cost her everything.

Tolen’s untamed gifts put him at the mercy of an elf he does not trust. He faces a dire choice: follow the path before him, or forge his own way to protect those he loves. But his decision could doom an entire race to slavery or lead the darkness straight to the girl he loves.

Duty separates them. Love and destiny can unite them. But the Dark will stop at nothing to keep Tolen and Macy apart.

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Book Four

Tolen and Macy’s fate is decided in The Chosen Redemption, the final installment of USA Today Bestselling author K.A. Parkinson’s The Chosen Chronicles…

Darkness veils the sight…

The ruler of the Dark has escaped the prison that has held him for centuries and this time he will not fail.
The Final Battle is imminent.
Tolen knows he’s the last hope for both Hidden and human kind. But as the prophecy unfolds, and hidden truth is revealed, he begins to realize that the reality of his and Macy’s entwined destinies is not at all what he’d come to believe.
When they’re faced with the choice of removing the veil that has shrouded demons and monsters from human eyes, Tolen and Macy are tempted to ignore the prophecy and choose their own way. But changing destiny may require a sacrifice neither of them are ready to make.

To death or victory in the coming tide…




A Twisted Past: The Chosen Chronicles Prequel

Nearly two thousand years before the birth of the Ninth Chosen, Areen L'yosla was a lonely young girl living under the hand of a cruel and abusive mother.
Handsome, charming, and full of promises, Daemon Teloran seemed the perfect solution to her miserable existence.
But the Dark has other plans for her would-be hero.
Amidst monsters and evil, love and destiny, follow the riveting journey that began The Chosen Chronicles.


RUNE: A Chosen Chronicles Novel

One secret. Two destinies. A choice that could fracture the future...
The evening of his sixth birthday, Rune Amund stands bruised and bleeding at the local bus stop with a strange crystal glowing in his pocket and scorch marks on his palms. With nowhere else to turn, he follows Sorsha, the mysterious Watcher who arrives and claims she can train him to become one of the Chosen, those destined to destroy the monsters of the Dark. But when Sorsha shows her true colors, he’s forced to run again.
Eventually he finds Tokharian and the Lost Chosen. Years pass, and with the arrival of the beautiful redhead Keelyn, Rune finally begins to feel like he’s found where he belongs. But Sorsha, refusing to rest until her creation fulfills her twisted plans, has not stopped seeking her ward. And the night of Rune’s sixteenth birthday, she finds him. 
The choice she offers leaves him only two options: fight against the most dangerous woman in the world, or risk losing the only people he’s ever truly loved.

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